"Where do I begin? I was honestly blown away with the amount of information she gave us. She made the information practical and made you view sleeping and schedules in a new light. We now have a 4 month old who sleeps through the night. Also, she encourages you to do things at your comfort level and always just an email away if you have a question."           

- Carrie, Mom to Brooklyn, 4 months 


“I am just so grateful to you and your plan, encouragement, and advice!  I feel like we've given her such an important gift - sleep!”

- Laura, Mom to Anna, 3.5 months


"You're a lifesaver!!!! We are both sleeping so much better and best of all in our own beds! Not only did you help us with our sleep situation, but you also helped to remedy our feeding situation. He's nursing so much better which has given me back some of my freedom! Thank you so much for everything!

- Stephanie, Mom to Sawyer, 6.5 months


"Contacting Katie was the best thing for our family & our newest addition. The advice, experience and support have helped give us the confidence to get on a schedule and stay on it. I feel like I have control again… in the sense of knowing what my next step is. Our household is dramatically different now – for the better"

- Melanie, Mom to Knox, 3.5 months


"To say we had sleep issues would be quite an understatement.  I knew we needed professional help...I was truly impressed by Katie's insightful instructions and guidance. She clearly tailored a plan just for us. She was respectful of our parenting style and came up with alternatives to the “cry-it-out” method. The really amazing part was, as we adopted Katie’s recommendations and schedule, we started seeing results right away. The effect of which has been a happier child and an empowered feeling for us. We’ll forever be grateful for Katie’s loving guidance and continued concern."

- Andrea, Mom to Layla, 11.5 months


"There were so many sleepless nights with our first child so when our second baby was born I found Katie and what a difference she has made in getting the baby and us some more sleep.  Rather than giving us a one size fits all solution for helping our baby get the sleep he needs, Katie has given us a framework around sleeping and feeding that works with our lives, schedules, and comfort levels.  She always has an answer (or two!) to all of our sleep issues and I can't think of any family that wouldn't benefit from her words of wisdom."

- Gwen, Mom to Cole, 3 months