I vividly remember being an emotional and lost 15 year old sitting in a therapist's office for the first time. I had promised myself I would not speak but within five minutes the therapist had completely disarmed my stubborn fascade and made me feel safe, seen, heard and understood. That one experience changed the course of my life. However, it took awhile to finally recognize and embrace. 

I received my Bachelor's in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University. I was a scholarship athlete for the Women's Soccer team during my college days and tried my hand at finance and advertising before answering the call to join the clincial world. I moved to Austin in 2003 and earned my Master's in Clinical Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin.

I have been a licensed social worker since 2005. I worked at Austin State Hospital in the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Unit but from there I took a more untraditional path. I had three children of my own and eventually started my own business as a Child Sleep Consultant in 2010. I worked with over 700 families during that time and helped them navigate a wide variety of sleep struggles and parenting challenges. I loved my time helping families in this way but yearned to get back to a true clinical setting. So I left my business behind in late 2017 and reignited my clincial social work career.

I am currently acquiring my 3,000 clinical social work hours at Therapy Austin (therapyaustin.com). I look forward to opening my private practice in the coming year so please check back in 2019 as I continue this journey.