Recomended Therapists 

Though I strive to meet as many clients needs as possible I inevitably cannot get to everyone or be what they need right now. Below is a constantly changing list of local Austin referrals and recommendations for services often needed that I do not typically provide.


Meredith Tompkins, Website
Brian Earthman, Website


Shanna Reeves, Website
Psychological Evaluations & Educational Consultations, Website

EMDR for Children & Teens:

Ilyse Kennedy, Website
Good Mourning Counseling, Website

Group Recommendations:

Child Therapists:

Austin Child Guidance Center, Website
Mary Ellen West, Website
Elizabeth Sylvester, Website
Lisa Pallmeyer, Website

EMDR for Adults:

Doran Oatman, Website
Anastasia Barber, Website


  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • The Gottman Institute Level 1 Certified
  • Alliance of Social Workers in Sport (ASWIS)
  • Vanderbilt University Alumni Association
  • Vanderbilt University Women’s Soccer Alumni & Mentor
  • The University of Texas at Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work Alumni Network
  • Friends of the Children Austin Community Champions Board
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton Board Advisory Member
  • International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

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